For Your Consideration:
Timothy Schmalz, League Of Legends Senior Composer

The first thing I wanted to do for this application is complete a theme for a champion. After a few choices, I ended up on Zilean, and chose this piece of artwork to visually aid the music in comparing the tone and style. The virtuosic strings screaming across the multiple octaves gives a sense of his sinister potential, and the musical theme entices the player to want to explore this character further.

The second track, the cover of the famous Foo Fighters song “Everlong” showcases my love for collaborating with others and establishes a context that implicates a strong tone for a certain kind of mood that may be suggested visually and/or narratively. I felt the difference between these two tracks quickly gives an idea of my range capabilities as a composer.

 Feel free to listen to the additional tracks in my catalog to get a further view of my skillset.


Some collections of my original music.


July 1st 2019 ︎
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July 2018 ︎
Recording with a 64 piece orchestra at Fox Studios.


Timothy Schmalz

Timothy Schmalz is an American composer for visual media and concert hall. 

His music has been featured in independent shorts, feature films commercials, video games, and television. Previous scoring work includes commercial and corporate content for Acura and Coachella. 

Timothy has worked for two A-list composers providing additional music, arrangements, and orchestrations for feature films. (Smallfoot, Playmobil.) He often assisted on the arrangements for recording sessions at Air Studios in London.
In 2018, Timothy was selected for the ASCAP workshop, a program that concludes with a recording of a composition with a 64 piece orchestra at Fox Studios in Los Angeles. Timothy studied at UCLA’s film scoring extension program, as well as at Berklee College of Music. He continues his studies with habitual visits to the UCLA music library.

In his spare time, Timothy enjoys working with his two shelter dogs, playing video games, and skateboarding.

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