Timothy Schmalz’s Composer’s Assistant Blizzard Portfolio

︎ Inspired by many of the WoW cinematics and various other Blizzard games, I decided to write an orchestral piece solely for the purpose of this application. It showcases various musical strutures that could function for gameplay, menus, cinematics, cutscenes, and so on. I decided to also write a transition (at aprox. 2:37) to the original WoW theme, in a sense reimagining and utilizing alternate orchestration ideas to further showcase my skill set for MIDI mockups applied to a potential real life situation. 

Additional Music materials featuring strictly orchestral mockups:

︎ Having been a long time Sibelius user, I recently switched to Finale to explore more orchestration possibilities and to enhance my workflow. In an effort to become more familliar with the program, I took one of my absolute favorite moments from one of my favorite symphonies, Mahler’s Ninth, and copied the page in a film scoring format. In the process, I utilized and perfected a touch OSC template inspired by many current orchestrators (David Shipps, Tim Davies). 

︎ Included below are some examples of my current Logic template with my own solution for articulation switches and a touch osc template, which is a front end tool for running background scripts (via Keyboard Maestro) as well as native app key commands for faster & optimized workflow. The template I currently use is a seamless Finale and Logic work flow solution, aiding my workflow in every step of the process from mock-up to finished orchestral score.

︎ In addition, I have experience working with Pro Tools, Reaper, & Cubase.

Thank you for taking the time to read and listen. It would be a joy to work for you!
–Timothy Schmalz


Some collections of my original music.


July 1st 2019 ︎
🚩 More news to come!
July 2018 ︎
Recording with a 64 piece orchestra at Fox Studios.


Timothy Schmalz

Timothy Schmalz is an American composer for visual media and concert hall. 

His music has been featured in independent shorts, feature films commercials, video games, and television. Previous scoring work includes commercial and corporate content for Acura and Coachella. 

Timothy has worked for two A-list composers providing additional music, arrangements, and orchestrations for feature films. (Smallfoot, Playmobil.) He often assisted on the arrangements for recording sessions at Air Studios in London.
In 2018, Timothy was selected for the ASCAP workshop, a program that concludes with a recording of a composition with a 64 piece orchestra at Fox Studios in Los Angeles. Timothy studied at UCLA’s film scoring extension program, as well as at Berklee College of Music. He continues his studies with habitual visits to the UCLA music library.

In his spare time, Timothy enjoys working with his two shelter dogs, playing video games, and skateboarding.

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