Timothy Schmalz as Senior Composer 

︎Finale score example. Click to view whole score:
︎When I discovered the position for Senior Composer at Blizzard, I immedately cleared some time from my schedule to write some music that I felt would showcase some of my long standing passion for your projects, some more ambitious musical qualities as a composer, and to emmulate some of the styles that are so well interconnected with your various titles. I am not only a huge fan in my composer life of the entire music team at Blizzard, but have also grown up listening to and playing these games. It is my privilege to be able to write some music that hopefully could interest you in hiring me as a Senior Composer:  

Additional Music materials:

︎Workflow DAW: I currently have a two computer setup between Logic Pro and Pro Tools. Any picture-related and final mix-related workflow is handled on the pro tools session, and the MIDI mockup related workflow is handled on the Logic Pro side, where most of my samples are hosted thru VEP. Additionally, I am fluent in: Sibelius, touch OSC, keyboard maestro, Cubase.
︎Workflow Score: My current workflow from score to Finale is very close to what Tim Davies does. I have a series of keyboard maestro macros controlled via Touch OSC Ipad that enable me to mostly work from a cleaned up MIDI file, and a methodical order of operations to eventually lead to a finished and detailed final score, with the aim of getting the music to jump off the page first take.
︎Workflow mixing: For demo purposes, my workflow has navigated to mirror more of what I have learned in working for television. I have a more elaborate routing system on the Logic side that can be printed for more elaborate mixing (Synthmaster), but ultimately it sums to 7 stems and 1 click track that all come into Pro Tools via ADAT. From there, I have a few preset plugins that are all zero latency that happen on auxes and print the stems and 2 mix in complete sync levelwise.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me, it would be a joy to work for you!


Some collections of my original music.


July 1st 2019 ︎
🚩 More news to come!
July 2018 ︎
Recording with a 64 piece orchestra at Fox Studios.


Timothy Schmalz

Timothy Schmalz is an American composer for visual media and concert hall. 

His music has been featured in independent shorts, feature films commercials, video games, and television. Previous scoring work includes commercial and corporate content for Acura and Coachella. 

Timothy has worked for two A-list composers providing additional music, arrangements, and orchestrations for feature films. (Smallfoot, Playmobil.) He often assisted on the arrangements for recording sessions at Air Studios in London.
In 2018, Timothy was selected for the ASCAP workshop, a program that concludes with a recording of a composition with a 64 piece orchestra at Fox Studios in Los Angeles. Timothy studied at UCLA’s film scoring extension program, as well as at Berklee College of Music. He continues his studies with habitual visits to the UCLA music library.

In his spare time, Timothy enjoys working with his two shelter dogs, playing video games, and skateboarding.

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